ISO BRM Physical Layer Current Doc Title or Reqmts Reference* Current ISO # Old Doc Title Old ISO # Notes
Physical Layer CCSDS 131.0-B-2. TM Synchronization and Channel Coding . Blue Book. Issue 2. September 2011 CCSDS 131.0-B-1. TM Synchronization and Channel Coding . Blue Book. Issue 1. September 2005 ISO 22641 Replaced by ISO 22641, CCSDS 131.0-B-1.  The current issue adds Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) codes, applies various editorial changes intended to improve the presentation and clarity of all the specifications, and adds new informative material for consistency with current CCSDS publications practices. 
Physical Layer CCSDS 231.0-B-2.  TC Synchronization and Channel Coding . Blue Book. Issue 2. September 2010. ISO 22642 CSDS 201.0 B-3. Telecommand, Part 1:  Channel Service. Blue Book. June 2000  ISO 12171 Replaced by ISO 22642, CCSDS 231.0-B-1.  The current issue adds support for optional repeated transmissions of Transfer Frames. 
Physical Layer CCSDS 401.0-B-21.  Radio Frequency and Modulation Systems--Part 1: Earth Stations and Spacecraft. Blue Book. Issue 21. July 2011. N/A Radio Frequency and Modulation System, Part 1 - Earth Stations and Spacecraft, CCSDS 401.0-B, November 1994 The current update extends the rate for suppressed carrier telecommand systems to 2.048 Mb/s.
Physical Layer CCSDS 414.1-B-1. Pseudo-Noise (PN) Ranging Systems. Blue Book. Issue 1. March 2009. The specifications for PN code components and generation, on-board spacecraft regenerative/transparent processing, ground station processing, and uplink and downlink signal modulation are defined. 
Physical Layer CCSDS 131.1-O-1. Low Density Parity Check Codes for Use in Near-Earth and Deep Space Applications. Orange Book. Issue 1. August 2006. Replaced by updates to TM Sync & Channel Coding, CCSDS 131.0-B-2
Physical Layer N/A CCSDS 103.0-B-2. Packet Telemetry Service Specification. Blue Book. June 2001.   Now obsolete: CCSDS 103.0-B-2-S      
Black text: unchanged but for version number
Blue Text: New or updated since 2009
Red text: DRAFT specifications that are in the final stages of approval. 
Grey text: Document is now in Silver (obsolete) status
*All standards, except draft, are in the JPL Deep Space Mission System (DSMS) Level 2 requirements document (DSMS 820-001, "Deep Space Mission System Requirements and Design") and on the NASA Preferred Technical Standards list.