ISO BRM Network - Transport Layer Current Doc Title or Reqmts Reference* Current ISO # Old Doc Title Old ISO # Notes
Network - Transport Layer CCSDS 133.0-B-1.  Space Packet Protocol . Blue Book. Issue 1. September 2003 ISO 22646 CCSDS 102.0 B-4. Packet Telemetry. Blue Book. November 2000  ISO 13419 Replaced by ISO 22646, CCSDS 133.0-B-1, see also Technical Corrigendum 1 to CCSDS 133.0-B-1, Issued September 2003. Blue Book. Issue 1 Cor. 1. September 2010.
Network - Transport Layer CCSDS 133.1-B-2. Encapsulation Service. Blue Book. Issue 2. Oct 2009 CCSDS 133.1-B-1. Encapsulation Service. Blue Book. Issue 1. June 2006 Includes technical corriegendum CCSDS 133.1-B-1 Cor. 1
Network - Transport Layer CCSDS 702.1-R-3, IP over CCSDS Space Links Agency review completed 10/2008
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Blue Text: New or updated since 2009
Red text: DRAFT specifications that are in the final stages of approval.
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*All standards, except draft, are in the JPL Deep Space Mission System (DSMS) Level 2 requirements document (DSMS 820-001, "Deep Space Mission System Requirements and Design") and on the NASA Preferred Technical Standards list.