ISO Basic Reference Model Defined Services Link
Application Layer Upper level programs that use lower level services. Include standards for navigation and other data exchanges, and for managing these exchanges. ISO BRM Application Layer
Application Layer - SLE Programs that provide and manage space link extension (SLE) services, used for cross support between ground station facilities and control centers, which may belong to different agencies. ISO BRM Application - SLE Layer
Network & Transport Layer Move data reliably from end to end, possibly across multiple hops.  Includes standards for file delivery over deep space distance, and space networking in cis-lunar and deep space environments. ISO BRM Network - Transport Layer
Data Link Layer Provides a point to point means for two communicating end points to establish a link and exchange information.  May provide reliable (acknowledged) or unreliable transmission of data for near Earth, deep space, or in situ environments. ISO BRM Link Layer
Physical Layer The medium used to transmit signals, includes physical signaling at RF or optical frequencies, standards for the modulation of a signal on the basic communications channel, and standards for the coding of data for reliable transmision. ISO BRM Physical Layer
CCSDS: Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems
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Updated: 18 Oct 2011